Tack Barn

Welcome to the Tack Barn at Donkeys of Wales.

Here we have a selection of items for the comfort, protection and dressing of your donkeys.

Payment can be made in the following ways:
  by cheque
  over the phone (all major credit/debit cards accepted)
  via PayPal

Any questions just telephone Zoie on 07791 990151 or email us - enquiries@donkeysofwales.co.uk.

Donkey Bridles
  • pink donkey bridle for sale
  • yellow donkey bridle for sale
  • red donkey bridle for sale

Our bridles are hand-made for donkeys and are available in pink, yellow and red.

If you want your own choice of colours please get in touch and we can make to your requirements.

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Donkey Bells
donkey bells for sale

Our bells are hand-made for donkeys and are available in yellow, red, pink and blue.

If you want your own choice of colours please get in touch and we can make to your requirements.

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Hide Pad
donkey hide pad for sale

Felt covered donkey pad with a suede top, fixed girth, leather handle and stirrup bar. One size fits all.
£55.00 each

Western Saddle Pad/Numnah
western saddle pad for sale

Soft cotton for extra comfort.
£20.00 each

Fly Fringe
donkey fly fringe for sale

Keep the flies away. The fly fringes fasten onto your head collars so can't be lost out in the field. Can be used on donkeys or horses.
£7.00 each

Anti Theft Sign
anti theft sign for sale

Let everyone know that your animals are micro-chipped and therefore traceable back to you. A4 sized sign for wall or gate.
£10.00 each

Microchip Scanner
microchip scanner for sale

The only scanner you'll ever need! Pocket scanner that fits snugly into your pocket (no bigger than a yo-yo), exactly what any breeder needs to verify microchips inside any animal.

Reads any known microchip, incredibly easy to use - one button operation, auto switch-off and showerproof. Comes with one year's manufacturing warranty.

Used by veterinary surgeons, breeders and animal welfare staff to distinguish one animal from another!
£130.00 each

Shetland Pony / Donkey Rugs
donkey rugs for sale

Lightweight turnout rug with ripstop outer. Fully cotton lined with no polyfill.

Breathable, double chest straps cross over surcingles, leg straps and tail guard. Comes in baby blue spots or baby pink spots.

Please select colour required

Donkey Trap
donkey trap for sale

This is a lightweight donkey trap with an adjustable seat to give balance. It is supplied ready for self-assembly.

Wheel diameter 52cm; width at the back seat 95cm; total length of trap 220cm.
£450.00 including delivery

Donkey Saddle
Donkey Saddle for sale

This donkey saddle has a rear back strap for belly girth and can take stirrups and crupper fixing point.

Leather coated still handle comes with waterproof cover.
£130.00 including delivery

Snaffle Bit
donkey Snaffle Bit for sale

Five inch snaffle bit.
£15.00 including delivery

Fly Sheets
donkey fly sheet for sale

Full neck fly sheets. All sizes
£55.00 including delivery


Prices include p&p
Donkey Bridles
Donkey Bells
Donkey Pads
Donkey Rugs
Donkey Trap
Donkey Saddles
Fly Fringe
Fly Sheets
Microchip Scanner
Snaffle Bits
Anti-Theft Signs