Our Jacks at Stud

Here are details of our high quality standard jacks - please note that they are not for sale but at stud. All our jacks bring correct conformation and beautiful movement to their offspring and we are proven as being of the highest quality.

We will under no circumstances allow our donkeys to be exploited by over-work. Visitors are always welcome but please make any enquiries/appointments in advance. Donkeys of Wales will endeavour to accommodate all clients' wishes but the best interests of our donkeys are always our priority.

Go see the rest then come to the best!!

Harlequin - Miniature Mediterranean

Harlequin is handsome and catches your eye. He is an absolute pleasure to own with his laid-back temperament. Harlequin stands at 33", a cobby type, and is veterinary inspected.

Magic - Miniature Mediterranean

Magic is a gentleman with his jennies. He stands at 33", a compact cobby type, and is a rare pure black with full black cross. He is veterinary inspected. He is producing both coloured and plain foals to date and last year's foals can be seen.


Harley is a coloured jack with good strong bone and stocky conformation. He adds bone, colour and quality to his foals. Harley is 11 hands high.


Joseph is our smallest jack, at 10.1 hands high, but very solid and strong with a correct build. He produces coloured and white foals that are small, correct and strong.


Adrian out of Dolly - spotted, excellent conformation, a sweetheart to handle - he adds quality bone and spots to his off-spring.

We have just had Adrian's first crop of foals, two of which we are retaining. Adrian is producing spots and solids to date.


All of our jennies and jacks are handled from birth and have exceptional temperaments. In our experience we have found it better to leave our jacks to run with the jennies in the field because they are then settled and content all the time. It is also the most natural way of doing things.

All our jennies foal down with the jacks which means that the foal gets to know its father in a calm environment.