The Baudet du Poitou

We are very proud to have a herd of the most famous, oldest and rarest of donkey breeds - the Baudet du Poitou. Our Baudet du Poitou's include A Book jennies together with an A Book jack (standing at stud to approved jennies only).

We do have Baudet du Poitou donkeys for sale occasionally, please get in touch if you are interested in this breed.

This breed is one of the most endangered species in the world today and Donkeys of Wales are the only breeders of them in Wales.

The Baudet du Poitou donkey is most recognisable by its long matted and tangled coat, which is always black or dark brown, and its big ears. The Baudet du Poitou has a massive bone structure and is known for its strength.

In 1977 there were just 44 registered pure bred Poitou donkeys left in the world, even today there are fewer than 800 worldwide and less than 60 in the UK.


The primary job of the Baudet du Poitou was one of breeding. They were crossed with the Mulassiere horse (French Cob), which was the horse of the Poitou and produced the Poitou mule.

In its heyday it is said that 30,000 mules were produced of a very high quality and bred for France and the rest of Europe. The mules were prized as the finest working animals in the world. The Baudet du Poitou were kept purely for bloodstock and great care was taken to ensure that the donkeys were not crossed or sold out of the region. As a result, the breed was kept pure for hundreds of years.

After World War II, when motorised vehicles took over in agriculture, demand for the mule dropped and, as a result, the Poitou donkey became redundant. Some breeders sold or killed their herds and, as a result, the Poitou donkey became an endangered species. Purebred Poitou donkeys are very expensive and are nearly impossible to find.