Mammoth Donkeys

The world's biggest, largest breed of donkey in the world.

A mammoth jenny, Peggy, is our new arrival and she is in foal. We are very excited to see her baby which is due in April 2016.

This is Peggy
She is in foal to this jack for 2016

Most mammoth donkeys possess a good temperament and a strong work ethic. The ideal mammoth donkey doesn't tire easily, remaining unflappable and willing.

Mammoth donkeys take a while to mature but can keep going strong into old age. Avoid putting them into hard work until they are at least five years old.


To qualify as a mammoth jackstock breeding animal, a jack must stand at least 14.2 hands; a jennet must reach 14 hands. Jacks generally weigh between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds, the jennets slightly less.

Any colour is acceptable but black, chestnut and roan are preferred by breeders of draft mules. The darker gray colour of smaller donkeys is looked down upon by breeders.

Any breeding animal should possess good conformation and strong bones.


Mammoth jacks are still used primarily for mule production.

Because mammoth donkeys are relatively rare, males are generally not gelded - they are in demand as breeding stock

Heavier jacks are crossed with draft mares to produce draft mules, while lighter animals are bred to light horse mares for saddle mule production.

Many of these mares come from gaited breeds, resulted in gaited mules.

Mammoth jacks and jennets can be ridden or trained for driving.


The American mammoth donkey, commonly known as the mammoth jack, American mammoth or American mammoth jack is a landrace ot North American donkey, descended from multiple breeds of donkey imported to the United States. George Washington, with Henry Clay and others, bred for an ass that could be used to produce strong work mules. Washington was offering his jacks for stud service by 1799. Large breeds of asses were found in Kentucky by 1800.

Breeds that influenced the mammoth jack include the Maltese donkey, Poitou donkey (itself also sometimes called the mammoth donkey), Andalusian donkey, Majorcan donkey and Catalan donkeys.

Males, called jacks, must be at least 14 hands (56 inches, 142cm) and females, called jennies or jennets must be at least 13.2 hands (54 inches, 137cm).